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Provider Receive Amount (INR) Send Amount + Fee Effective FX rate
Send money with Exchange rate71,745.00 Transfer fee 1,000.00 71.7450
Send money with Exchange rate 71,732.50 Transfer fee 1,000.00 71.7325
Send money with Exchange rate 71,512.15 Transfer fee 1,000.00 71.5122
Send money with Exchange rate 71,121.44 Transfer fee 1,000.00 71.1214
Send money with Exchange rate 70,888.00 Transfer fee 1,000.00 70.8880
Send money with Exchange rate 70,367.20 Transfer fee 1,004.99 70.0178
The comparison fees displayed on our page have been published on 29 November 2019 and have not been refreshed since this date.
The data for the price comparisons shown have been taken from other providers’ websites, on specific dates. This information is freely available on the competitor’s websites we have listed. This is not an exhaustive list of companies offering a money transfer service and if you are interested in a particular supplier we suggest you check their respective website.
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Send with Skrill and you get the mid-market rate. This is the rate provided independently by Reuters. Unlike the high street banks, we don’t add any hidden markup to this rate so you can send for less without any surprises.

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